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Platinum Red

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Includes: Shirt, Lining
Color: Maroon


Shirt: Raw Silk

Lining: Medium Silk


Product Description

This maroon raw silk dress has a round neck along with full sleeves. The dress is fitted to the waist while a skirt flows down from the waist line and onto the floor. The torso and sleeves of the dress are fully embellished in floral patterns. An embellished border run vertically upwards from the waist to the neckline in the center while a horizontal embellished border starting from the neck continues to the shoulders and along the sleeves to the sleeve hems. The skirt has a spray of embellished motifs scattered all over. A side slit run along the right side of the garment from the mid thigh length and down to the floor. An embellished belt is sits on the waist. The garment is lined with medium silk.