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Includes: Shirt, Lining
Color: Bottle Green


Shirt: Organza

Lining: Medium Silk

Product Description

This garment is a bottle green organza shirt. The mid calf length shirt has a round neck with full sleeves. The shirt has a panel that covers the entire torso and comes to the knee length. Two embellished vertical borders starting from both the shoulders carry down to the mid thigh length. A large floral arrangement is embellished in gold starting from the waist till the knee.  A floral motif is scattered throughout the front and back of the sleeves. A smaller floral motif goes onto the sleeves. The sleeves have gathers at the hem. An embellished belt is attached to the panel from the left side along the waist. The shirt panel and the belt are finished with gold fringes. Gold piping is sandwiched in-between the side seams on either side while the shirt is lined with medium silk.